Advisable to read this Policy together with the Agreement in regards to the grounds when HalalFoodie SG (Manage by ONE Joomsphere Pte Ltd) may reasonably cancel an order.


Cancellation by Buyer

  1. Buyer have to contact HalalFoodie SG for the cancellation of the purchase within 30 minutes of purchase.
  2. Buyer also agrees to contact/liaise with Merchant directly on the cancellation of the delivery within the time stipulated.
  3. Repeated cancellations without proper cause/justification, which result in HalalFoodie SG being unable to comply with HalalFoodie SG Service Levels, shall entitle the Company to impose such penalties on such as provided for under the HalalFoodie SG


Cancellation by HalalFoodie SG

HalalFoodie SG may cancel an order where there is inadequate stock to fulfil such order, where there will be unreasonable delay in sourcing of the Products or where the Product has been wrongly advertised or priced. In such instance, the Buyer:

  1. Reason of cancellation will be notified via email
  2. Buyer shall be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price paid and shipping fees, if it meets the requirement.



Refunds can be arranged under the following circumstances:

  1. If any Product has been delivered in a damaged condition, or if a Product, which was ordered and invoiced, is not included in the delivery, or if the wrong Product is delivered, HalalFoodie SG’s Merchant shall either refund the Customer the value of that Product, or replace the Product.
  2. If the Customer has been charged for a Product, which has not been delivered, HalalFoodie SG shall refund the Customer the value of the Product as originally charged to the Customer.
  3. All refunds will take up to 7 working days to process.